Frequently Asked Questions2018-01-24T16:28:11+00:00

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find game changes, rain outs, etc.?2018-01-26T15:25:40+00:00

All schedules and changes will be posted to our website ( , to our Facebook page (theBurkburnettBlacksox), Twitter (bblacksox), and remind 101. Remind 101 will be your best friend for this kind of information. We will keep it update at all times.

Can I place a personal ad in the media guide?2018-01-26T15:22:32+00:00

Ads in the media guide must have a business name on the ad. If you own your own business you can use your business on any ad in the guide toward your fees.

Can I print my own apparel for players or parents?2018-01-26T15:20:51+00:00

No. All aparel must be purchased through the Blacksox organization. Any printing of our logos and/or name will be a copyright violation.

Can we buy extra uniform items?2018-01-26T15:19:08+00:00

Yes, you can purchase extra uniform items. The extra items must be ordered at the beginning of the season prior to the Blacksox placing their uniform orders from vendors. The cost of additional uniform items are in addition to any standard Blacksox player fees.

Who books the team hotel rooms when they travel?2018-01-26T15:14:57+00:00

The Blacksox will book player hotel rooms. However, once we book hotel rooms, we will notify the parents and let them know the cost. All hotels are prepaid before the team departs to go out of town. We will try to block off rooms for parents when we can but the parent(s) will be 100% responsible for handling the finances with all their hotels.

Is there a tobacco policy?2018-01-26T15:12:36+00:00

Yes, the Burkburnett Blacksox organization does not allow players to use tobacco products in any of the Blacksox facilities. (Dormitories, indoor hitting facilities, or vans)

Are laundry facilities on site?2018-01-25T17:46:10+00:00


Do my fees include food?2018-01-25T17:45:36+00:00

No. We have refigerators, full sized kitchens, microwaves, etc. in the dormitories.

Can a player stay with their parents while on the road?2018-01-25T17:43:47+00:00

No, because we divided cost by number of players on the team. When the whole team does not stay together, it causes the other teammates to carry the cost.

Ar the players supervised in the dorms?