Isaac Cook’s #15 retired…

Cook1505/15/2014, 2:15pm CDT


The Burkburnett Blacksox announced that they retired the uniform number worn by former Blacksox player Isaac Cook.  A pregame ceremony was held on Saturday, May 31st before the Blacksox 17u-Black game. The pregame ceremony was at Burkburnett’s  Henderson Field.

Cook’s number 15 was the second number retired by the Blacksox program.

Cook was contacted and told of the news on Wednesday night. Upon receiving the honor, Cook said, “I am very honored that the Blacksox would retire my number.”

Isaac Cook spent 2 full seasons in the Blacksox program. Cook displayed tremendous athleticism and power at the plate. More importantly, he has always been held in the highest regard by his teammates.

After his playing days ended, Cook has really blossomed. Issac has started his own foundation to help battle brain cancer. He has touched the lives of hundreds upon hundreds of people. He has donated money and baseball equipment to Tulsa youth teams. He has shown us all the true meaning of “heart of a champion”. Isaac Cook is a shining example of what every Blacksox player should aspire to be like, on and off the field. Hard nosed. Will do whatever it takes to win. Will fight tooth and nail for his teammates. Loves his family and friends. Active in the community. Seeks to make a positive impact. Warrior. Champion.

Now for the rest of the story…

I was blessed with the opportunity to spend some quality time with Isaac recently. It is something that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I had a blast sitting and reminiscing with CookFoster_largehim about former teammates, stories about Blacksox road trips and the dorms. For those who don’t know Isaac well, let’s just say he has the dryest sense of humor of all time. Incredibly intelligent. While I’d love to give you tidbits of our conversation, some things are better left unsaid. “Locker Room Talk” for the ages! I smile thinking about it now.

Issac, I am so glad the Lord allowed us to cross paths. I’m glad your dad reached out to me several years ago about getting you in the Blacksox program. I’m glad Joe Lynch took the time to call me and tell me about you. I’m glad your mom contacted me and we found a way to get you to Burkburnett that first season. I’ll never forget your first game in a Blacksox uniform. A huge double and a monster HR to deep left field. I sat in the press box with Mickey and cried like a baby. Your dad was watching down on you that day brother…and smiling from ear to ear! I am very humbled and proud of you and your former Blacksox teammates. Outstanding young men. Those guys truly love you. There is no better feeling than knowing that your teammates love and respect you. Rest assured, Joe Dell, PD, Casey and all the boys love you and admire you. You have made us all strive for great things.

Mickey and I are excited that you have allowed us to honor you with retiring your jersey.

Enjoy the moment. You have earned it.


I love you brother!